Original Design

It all Started with a Meme

One Sunday afternoon as I was scrolling through my Instagram with the usual content of Craft Breweries, Local Taphouses, Suicide Girls, and Cars, I come across a meme as I often do. This one was specifically fitting as my other half is a Runner that will often run several times a week, and harass me to get off my ass and go for a run. I showed her the simple meme that Stated I Ran Twice Today, I Ran out of Beer so I Ran for More I added that I will be using this statement in the future with a chuckle. After the usual Eye Roll from her we moved on with our day. I couldn’t get the Saying out of my head and thought it would make a cool T-shirt. Later that week while sipping on a Delicious Fruity IPA from Hardywood that I just picked up at Total Wine, I sat down with the intent of creating the graphic for a shirt that I would make later in the week. This is the original graphic I came up with. Original Design

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